MetroPortal (deprecated)

MetroPortal App was a Windows Phone 7 App to remote control your MediaPortal HTPC. This version supports a simple remote control. In future versions, support to view and stream your MediaPortal library and more remote control options will be added.

 Forum topic @ the Team MediaPortal website


  • Metro look and feel
  • Multiple connections
  • Auto connect
  • Pinnable tile for direct access to the remote
  • Easy setup by scanning the MPExtended or WifiRemote QR tag
  • Dutch, English and German language support


MetroPortal App requires the MPExtended Service, or at least, for now the WifiRemote plugin (included in the MPExtended installation)

Keep in mind that MediaPortal should be running to connect to WifiRemote. This means the remote will only connect/work when MediaPortal is running!


It’s no longer published in the Microsoft Store

How did it work?

If you’re familiar with Metro/WP7 it should be really self-explaining. However, best practice:

  1. Open your MPExtended Configuration on your HTPC, go to the tab QR-Code and tick the box Include authentication for user
  2. Start MetroPortal App
  3. Go to Connections, tap the + icon to add a new connection
  4. Tap the vision icon to scan a QR-Code and scan the QR-Code in the MPExtended Configuration screen
  5. Tap the check icon to save your new connection
  6. Check the Automatic connect option
  7. Go back to the main screen and tap and hold the Remote tile, choose Pin to start
  8. Bam! Instant remote on your start screen, just one tap to control your HTPC…

Known bugs, issues, todo…

Known bugs? Yeah, I know… 🙁

Do you find another one or have any other questions? Post them, or send me an email.

  • Connection center is tricky. Sometimes it won’t connect properly. If it happens, please post the situation here.
  • When your WiFi connection is enabled but not connected the App sometimes thinks it’s connected.
  • Translations. The german translation is bad I guess. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Tiles in the home screen, copied from the great streamedmp skin (sorry guys), I need to create some nice-looking tiles myself

Future development, updates, support, ideas

Yeah, this is not going to happen anymore. Sorry. 😉


To the developers of the MPExtended/WifiRemote services and Bombus for thinking up such a great name.